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Kim-Jo Kesteloot

Poulains, that’s me and my team. From scratch when I was able to ride, I’ve been ‘bitten’ by the holy horse disease.
Since years I’ve been building my professional career, within the thing that lies closest to my heart: Creating harmonie trough understanding and sportsmanship between horse and rider.
Countless courses and equine educational self study  brought me to where I am today.
To be able to spread the word and travel te globe for getting the message out there. That communication, understanding though psychology is the base of good horsemanship that transfers to sportsmanship and performance.

Team Poulains

Meet our team

What can I offer you

Training and support for your horse or pony

- General horse training and development of all sport horses from basics to 5* level show jumpers, 3* level Eventers and  Race  horses.

- Problem solving from behavioural issues to trailer loading 

- Development and further training of show horses in Hunters, Equitation and 3-day eventing 

- Development of young horses 

- Supportive riding of sport and leisure horses

- Fitness plan and conditional -core strength planning 

- Foal imprinting 

- Rehabilitation

Courses and training abroad

- Training of rider and their horses or ponies 

- Group Clinics/ Courses 

- Demonstrations with problem horses and riders 

- Online teaching + private sessions

My references


- Training of 4 in hand driving ponies for, world champion Jan de Boer

- Training and developing Show jumpers for Jean de grande, De grande stables 

- Training show jumpers for Rik Hemeryck, Grand Prix international show jumper 

- Horse Development of personal horses for Jesse R. Peters, 5 star Parelli Natural Horsemanship Master and Happy Horse Happy Life Top instructor. 

- Horse Development and training of personal horses and client horses of Berni Zambail, 5 start Parelli Natural Horsemanship Master. 

- Training of horses for the Police 

- Training for Caroline Noterman, Grand Prix dressage rider

- Training and Development of race horses for lord Cvz of Belgium. 

- Hunter horses young horse development for A. Ver. 

- Diverse sport horses trained for competition riders and private horse owners in Hunters, show jumpers and race horses. 

My competition experience

- Diverse 3 day eventing, dressage and show jumping competitions and wins up to M level? (1*)

- Diverse wins in Hunters, Equitation and Point-to point competitions 

- Winner of the Dutch Neckrope show jumping competition

Some highlights out of my career

- Licensed Parelli Natural horsemanship instructor 

- Training with classical dressage trainers of the Valenca art of riding school

- Licensed horse developer 

- Trainer for the Belgian Sports federation 

- Training with the Brazilian coach of the Olympic team 

- Diverse other education in Horse development, sports and nutrition

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