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Horse Training

Take a look on what we have to offer!

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Pré / Training

Training of sport-and recreational horses. From groundwork, in hand till under the saddle. We found it very important that the basics are correct and large so the horse gets the right time and knowledge to develop him or herself into their discipline.  So they can become the best version of themselves. The pré training and daily training is adapted to the level, goal and conditioning of the horse or pony.

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Starting a horse

A good start is half the work. Would you like to have a calm and connected horse or pony? A horse that knows what his job is, what there is expected from him or her? A horse that can manage himself as a great partner? That’s our job and basic goal for your horse or pony.



Behavioural problems/rehabilitation The safety of you and your horse is very important for us. Also the mental health that goes along with training. Rehabilitation horses, or ‘Problem/project’ horses also deserve a chance in life. What they don’t understand or where they go into the mist. We are there for them to reach out and help them on the path of partnership. From tere on we let them grow into the goal of the owner.

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Core strenght

We make sure trainings are well balanced for the training and the development of the body of the horse. Together with our team of veterinarian, body workers an fysio therapists we make sure the horse gets on point. This process is supported by technology, knowledge and listening to the body and mind of the horse. So the balance of mental and fiscal health is always cared for.

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Competition directed training and showing for: Eventing horses up to M level (1*) Hunters and Derby Adult classes USA and Holland

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