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Train with me at your home or on location. Fuel you and your horse's body and mind.
Achieve your goals with
expert advice.

Find out what moves you 

Wedstrijd klaar maken

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you want to step up you or your horses training, get the full  experience in your neighbourhood or at our location. Are you ready to come and join us?

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Schrik training


Verkeersmak maken

Uitbrengen op wedstrijd 

All courses and horse development periods are fully custom tailored. Ask for more information trough e-mail or phone.

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Fit for your
horse journey

Would you like to know how a clinic day looks like? 

Wake up with a sunrise guided training ride by Kim-Jo, sweat it out with lunchtime canter training or unwind with an evening theoretical and coaching joined by a bonfire. You’ll find movement for every discipline with classes tailor made and sorted by time, technique, location, style, weather and skill level of the horse and rider.

In the picture Equiday clinic for bridles neck rope riders.

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Find that one horse that fits you

Dreams do come true, when you finally hit the road to see potential horses you might like.


There is no catch when you know horses, be sensible and have a good prospection nose. Unfortunately its really hard to find your true horse. Therefore we are happy to help you to find that one. We have a selection of pretty damned good horses in our stables and we are happy to hep you find any horse anywhere. as long as the horse is the right one!


In the picture Angel and Neron who found each other al the way from Spain trough our home base stable into Angel's hands.  

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Nadeche x Saar

The smile that Kim-Jo gave to my daughter and her friend after the intense course was unbelievable. The way she teaches and gives the children the feeling that they can do it al, is just amazing! Every time they look forward to see her again and show her where they worked on! Even online trough the internet they can have a private update lesson! how cool is that for the girls! 

Thank you KJ for the organization and being there for the children!

2019-04-13 Equiday-kleur-small jpg_030.jpg


Since 2010 I've known Poulains. We met Kim-Jo in the USA where she was for -off course- horse development. We wore amazed by the finesse and insight she has in and around horses. I don't need to say much about her horsemanship. Just look at it, enjoy it and have a bloody good time. 

Enjoy her work, and keep up the pace! cause she's pretty fast on her feeling with the horses and the total harmony between horse and rider. 



There is a thing with finding that right horse. For me it was very difficult to not only find the right partner in crime, but also find the right owner or trader to buy them off. It was always a struggle, it seemed like I couldn't get an honest and true buy. I had loads of options from the internet to the sales and auctions. But I wanted a personal buy so if I would have issues or I really wanted to know the horse, there would be a real person who can help.  And there she was Kim-Jo, coming in the stable where I kept my horses. She trained a lot for the owner of the yard. Long story short, I found my partner, I would buy another in an instant from her and o she did a fine job. 

Thank you, 

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