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At Poulains, we offer world-class horse training services. Whether you’re an owner wanting to give your horse the best training possible, or a novice rider looking to improve your skills.

We can improve you and your horses skills set. With years of experience in horse training. We have developed an extensive knowledge base, and through our one on one horse training packages, we are able to help equip riders and horses of all backgrounds with the skills necessary to become confident, successful individuals.


If you're looking for a horse trainer with a proven track record, contact us today. W're happy to share our passion for horses! 

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The Epitome of Innovation


Saar x Nadeche

The smile that Kim-Jo gave to my daughter and her friend after the intense course was unbelievable.

2019-04-13 Equiday-kleur-small jpg_030.jpg


Since 2010 I've known Poulains. We met Kim-Jo in the USA where she was for -off course- horse development.

2019-04-13 Equiday-kleur-small jpg_030.jpg
2019-12-01 Jacht_small_jpg_139.jpg


There is a thing with finding that right horse. For me it was very difficult to not only find the right partner in crime, but also find the right owner or trader to buy them off.

2019-12-01 Jacht_small_jpg_139.jpg
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