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Boarding stable

Adapted feed

Choice of variety of brands and menus. 

Taking into account your horse's metabolism and intensity of work. 


From grain free to prebiotics. 

Variety in our range of quality kibble: 

Pavo, Agriton, Eco star

personal work

Giving your horse extra exercise, consultation of your needs are all part of boarding horses.

daily exercise

Daily exercise, social contact and grazing adapted to the horse's needs. Together with you, we will make the best social choice for your horse or pony.


Choose your type of box, your type of surface. Rest assured, 24/7 camera surveillance. 


Airy stalls with ample opportunity for socialization.

weekly check-up's

Monitoring the horses, tracking their body, heart rate, temperature and general condition is part of the weekly care of your horse.


Our pasture management, barn maintenance and nutrition is supported through Biological diversity through the soil of the pasture, into the barn to your horse's feeder. 


à volonté quality hay/french herb hay supplemented with Hartog Lucerne.

Full Board

3 meals/day

Hay à volonté

Daily grazing 

Stable 3x4

use of all facilities 


from 355€/month

Full board +

3 meals/day

Hay à volonté

Daily grazing 

Stable 4x4

Stable + run 3x4

= Stable 7x4

use of all facilities 


from 375€/month


Extra exercise 

Extra help 

Extra grazing 

Extra feed 

Extra changing equipment 



All possible on your horse's size. 


from 15€/week


From 5 months 

Mixed herd

Small rearing 

weekly in hand 


from 230€/month

depending on size and type of horse or pony.

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