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Pension stabling at Poulains

Customized nutrition


At Poulains we make no difference between "owned horses" and owner horses. The horses are all cared for and guided in the same way. 

Each horse is different, of course, and needs more or less. To be able to provide those needs 100%, we have provided 20 minutes per day per horse in grooming time. 


This includes

- Feeding

- Changing blankets

- Daily grazing or Paddock Paradise or Paddock

- mucking out the stalls

- Pasture management

- Quality time with the horse 

- Measurement of health care 

- Assessment of the horse's behavior

- Mucking the paddock or stall

- Fence, water and stable control

- Forage and roughage 

- Taking the horse to and from the pasture and paddock


At Poulains we have the following feed included 

-24/7 dry dust free French herb hay from the same supplier, from the same field. Which is analyzed annually. Analyzing both the soil and the hay itself. 


- Lucerne hay (breakfast and dinner standard 1.5 to 5KG)

- Concentrates: Pavo base +, Performance from Pavo or Pavo podo grow or Pavo podo Lac or Slusli from Metavital. 

- 'Pulp': Beet pulp or All-in soup from Aveve (lunch). 

- Water, our water is measured and examined annually by Labo Bruyland.


Always after 4 days of manure sample examination. 


2 to 3 times a year according to a fixed (depending on the horse) schedule. 


Deworming by injection, deworming or daily Agriton Proferm algue.


Supplements (without extra payment)


Measuring out your nutrition and supplements by Caroline Noterman of Den Hoek. 


Additions to the water 


Applying leg protection (+15€/month)


Horse or pony training (30€/session)


Walking the horse or pony by hand (+42€/month)


Care of wounds, ect. (price depends on the intensity of the work)

Feed options

option 1: basiC Mix

0-8 months

-Pavo podo Lac 

-Hartog Gras mix 

-Beet pulp

- Lucerne hay 

8 months - 3 year

- Pavo podo grow 2 en 3 

- Hartog Grass mix 

-Beet pulp of all-in soup

- Lucerne hay 

+ 3 year 

- Pavo base + 

- All in Soup of Beet pulp 

- Hartog Grass mix 

-Beet pulp of all-in soup

+ 18 year

-Pavo Senior 

- Hartog senior 

- Lucerne hay

- Beet pulp of all-in soup

Option 2: own feed

- Pavo Podo Lac 

- Pavo Podo Grow 

- Pavo Performance

- Pavo Ease & Excell 

- Pavo Base + 

- Pavo Slobber 

- Slusli Metavital 

- Primal Balance Metavital 

- Intestinal balance Metavital 

- All in Soup Aveve 

- Hartog Lucerne

- Hartog Senior 

- Hartog Digest

- Hartog Grass mix 

- Hartog Condition


+ Equitheek SME 

+ Equitheek loose herbs 

+ Equitheek costum mix 

+ Equitheek Breath

+ Equitheek Grow 

+ Equitheek Prebiotic 

+ Equitheek Probiotic

+ Equitheek Slow & Go 

+ Equitheek Move

+ Equitheek Supple Support 

+ Equitheek Mobility 

+ Equitheek Allergy 

+ Equitheek OCD

+ Equitheek COPD 

+ Equitheek base 

+ Equuitheek moody mare 

+ Agriton Nutribiome

+ Agriton Proferm 

+ Agriton Bionite

+ Agriton Proferm Algue 

+ Agriton microferm

+ Pavo Omega 

+ Pavo Pink

+ alle Pavo supplementen

+medication from the vet


Every horse that comes to us must be vaccinated semi-annually for Rhinopneumonia. Yearly for influenza and Tetanus.

farrier | instructor | veterinarian

Every horse that comes to us must be vaccinated semi-annually for Rhinopneumonia. Yearly for influenza and Tetanus.

our eqquipe


Didier Rondlez of Rodi's Shop


Farrier Stijn Fossaert 



Orthopaedic & Biomechanics Bart Halsberghe of Global


Equine Vet


Veterinarian Yves Decuypere of De Bascule 


Veterinarian Jeroen Declercq (Orthopaedics )


Veterinarian and assistants Paul Hanssesens of DAP Hoog Hemelrijk. 


Equine clinic Via Nova at Bree 


Equine clinic University Animal Hospital Merelbeke 



We do not have an Osteopath or others, Bart Halsberghe does this for us. 




Caroline De Vlaeminck 




Kesteloot Kim-Jo 


Personal assistant

 Annabel Vanhove 


Photography - Videography

 Tuur Jolie | Jedia Productions 


Assistant teachers 

Louise Declercq

 Lisa Defraeye

Caroline Noterman

Emiel Devos

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